Success Stories

Beacon helps a wide range of clients to master a world of complex sales.

All of our clients have one thing in common: they are focused on achieving sustainable sales success while simultaneously enhancing key relationships.

We strive to understand your challenges within your unique organizational structure.  Our proprietary approach to complex sales training and support is effective in a wide range of organizations. Below are just a few examples of client success.

Client List

Here are just a few of the many national and international organizations we’ve had the pleasure to work with after over two decades of providing sales consulting and training services.

Global Cloud Services Provider

This provider of cloud-based SAS was preparing to take on a period of large growth based on market conditions and the influx of a large round of investment they had recently secured.

Working with the global sales management team, Beacon integrated our sales framework into their corporate sales playbook and strategy. We then worked to develop the media support and training programs that were required to create a unified sales approach and leverage best practices throughout the organization.

Beacon delivered the initial training globally, then transitioned into providing coaching and critical workshops based on real-time field requirements. After our yearlong engagement, the organization is currently beating its very aggressive sales goals.

Hardware Provider and Implementer of Technology Infrastructure

This client had a seasoned sales force that had become entrenched in lower level technology discussions and were fighting to leverage their tremendous strength in strategic IT architectural innovation.

Within 7 days, Beacon conducted extensive interviews, assessed data and spoke with clients of this provider of complex products and services. Based on this research, our team provided highly customized training along with account coaching that resulted in millions of dollars of new business within 90 days.

Global Consulting Firm

This European client came to Beacon at the 11th hour during a proposal process that was in trouble. Due to Beacon’s extensive win-loss analysis of the global consulting arena, our team had a very clear idea about how and when the competitor would try to differentiate and the specific tactics that would be used.

Beacon coached the lead partner and team on exactly what to do, how to do it, and why. They won this €23 million deal and simultaneously enhanced their client relationship with the approach used.

Global Research and Advisory Firm

This US-based client was struggling to bring their rapidly growing sales force up to speed. They wanted to reduce their time to first sale for staff and create stronger pipelines faster.

After working with the leadership to fully understand and develop an ideal sequencing, Beacon set about to train and coach the sales force while creating a sales “buddy” system.

The result was double digit growth for 16 consecutive quarters and a stock price that quadrupled.

Global Advisory and Consulting Services Provider

When you have 11 global accounts that are collectively creating nearly $100M in revenue, how do you craft a scalable performance plan that applies to all of them? This was the dilemma facing one of Beacon’s clients. To further complicate the situation, the accounts were based in different countries and cut across the pharmaceuticals, financial services, drinks and airline sectors.

Beacon worked with the client to baseline the knowledge, relationships, opportunities and wallet share distribution in each account to the degree possible. Armed with this information, Beacon helped apply their proprietary Iconic Selling™ framework to each account. The framework focused on collaborating with clients to build the right relationships for the right reasons in a manner that created sustainable competitive advantage. This included training and hands on coaching of the account teams and participating in all major deals.

While the results varied widely, the lowest revenue improvement in any account after nearly 18 months was 14 percent. The largest return was over 400%. The collective growth across all 11 accounts was nearly 30% for a $30 million increase.

UK-Based Advisory Services Provider

This client was seeking to attain better results with their go-to-market efforts. In the past, several of their campaigns had fizzled because their objectives were not synced to clear tactics that would yield the results they were seeking.

Beacon helped the client dissect and focus their target list, identify exactly who they should engage within specific organizations, and what the conversation sequences should be. Qualification and – just as importantly – disqualification of prospects was firmly established.

Within one year, the team of less than 20 people within this division closed over £32 million in business. This was more than all of the next three closest competitors combined.

Global Engineering Company

This client was enjoying favorable market conditions but realized that market contraction was inevitable. As a result, they were seeking to create greater efficiency and effectiveness in their client facing staff to maintain a competitive advantage.

Beacon worked with the senior leadership to identify the most critical challenges. Part of the plan included creating an elite team of client staff who were highly skilled in Beacon’s framework and support approach. The collaboration and co-facilitation of training, account support and deal coaching resulted in this client becoming fully self-sufficient in less than one year.

This approach not only lowered the cost of implementation, but also created a sustainable method for instilling client engagement best practices in the team. Also, the real accounts and deals that Beacon worked on during the developmental process resulted in over $40 million in documented wins.

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