Optimizing Sales Engagement Approaches and Strategies  in complicated and highly competitive sales cycles is no easy task.

To help each client, Beacon asks the following questions to access if you have the right prospect and client contact methods.

  • Does the sales person, team or partner have the depth of sales knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to consistently and effectively differentiate against competitors?
  • Are the sales cycle touch points and hand-offs internally, with prospects or clients synchronized and incented properly?
  • Are the right work winning knowledge, skills and behaviors present in the team?
  • Does your team know what a best-practices choreography looks like for their market and client base when factors are changing all the time?
  • For your target clients, are you utilizing the right prospect and client contact methods?

To optimize any work winning team, the answers to these questions are vital.

Beacon trained and coached our account teams to consistently superior performance, which resulted in exceeding our national numbers.
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