Carl Erikson Beacon Worldwide CEO

Carl Erickson

Founder, President and CEO

Since 1991, Carl Erickson and his team have trained, coached and guided thousands of people responsible for winning work in difficult and extremely competitive environments. Carl designed and built the Beacon Iconic Selling™ Framework, which reflects time-tested best practices in complex selling environments. He has personally implemented Beacon’s approach at numerous organizations of all sizes. These clients include magic circle law firms, the Big Four, and other Fortune 1000 engineering and technology organizations as well as many Healthcare companies and a host of startups.

Like most of the Beacon staff, Carl’s experience includes working in sales settings that involve highly complex and often difficult to navigate regulatory environments that directly impact the sales cycle. This includes helping clients sell in highly regulated environments such as healthcare and compliance law.

Prior to founding Beacon, Carl was the Director of Sales and Marketing for a major US company in the energy sector. Carl has an undergraduate degree from Providence College, double masters in Finance and Marketing and a Certificate of Advanced Study from Bentley University in Human Resource Management along with multiple certifications in interpersonal profiling tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Sales Effectiveness and Management Analysis. He is also the architect of the Beacon Worldwide Sales Skills Assessment, which provides an in depth view of exactly where an individual, team or company’s sales knowledge gaps may be impacting their go to market efforts.

Nina Labonte

Nina Labonte

Managing Director – Worldwide Services

Nina Labonte is the Managing Director of Worldwide Services for Beacon Worldwide. Over the past 14 years, Nina has worked with a variety of clients across 4 continents with most of her work being provided in the US, Europe, Asia and South America. Nina leverages her 25 plus years of global sales and marketing experience to help organizations transform their work winning practices while simultaneously building stronger relationships with clients and partners.

Nina specializes in working with consulting services, healthcare and software organizations who provide what are often complex services to their clients of they are in highly competitive markets. Her extensive day-to-day hands-on work experience with sales management and account teams on actual client deals has led to literally hundreds of significant wins and just as importantly, the development of extraordinary internal coaches.

As with all senior Beacon staff, she trains, coaches and guides individuals and teams on complex and/or highly competiitve deals in the areas of: enterprise software, advisory, engineering, legal and healthcare services.

In addition to Nina’s past experience as Managing Director of EMEA for Beacon, she was also Vice President of Sales, sales manager and sales representative. She has a BS in Management from Lesley University and certifications in sales effectiveness, (search engine optimization) SEO and project management. Her practical, hard hitting ability to drive results has culminated in millions of additional revenues for clients while helping to transform leadership, business processes and people into cohesive teams to drive long term results.

Michael Bolan

Michael Bolan

EMEA Managing Director

Michael Bolan is the EMEA Managing Director for Beacon Worldwide. Michael has worked with Beacon to develop, design and implement sales transformation strategies and tactics across 3 continents. He has spent the past two decades selling and delivering professional services to international clients across many sectors, including financial services, technology, accounting, tax, legal and engineering. In the four years Michael has worked with Beacon clients, he has helped win, direct and deliver services across over two dozen countries. His fluency in his native language of English is further supported by his excellent command of German, Russian and Czech.

As a former Partner in one of the Big Four firms and regional CMO in another, Michael has experience in leading a variety of complex engagements that involved close collaboration with clients. His diverse background helps him understand the multi-cultural differences across western and eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the US and has helped accelerate sales results for clients.

Michael received degrees in German and International Business from Universität Trier in Germany and Aston University Business School in England.

Greg Stebbins

Dr. Gregory Stebbins

Global Director of Online Learning

Dr. Stebbins is the Global Director of Online Learning at Beacon Worldwide. He has over 3 decades of experience designing and delivering customized sales training and 25 years of experience designing and delivering online learning. Greg’s 10 years of work with Beacon has spanned the globe with much of it being focused on North America and EMEA.

He brings a unique combination of a bachelor’s degree in computers and a doctoral degree in education combining both of these with his extensive sales and sales management experience to driving sales effectiveness. Dr. Stebbins is also a member of the Consulting Psychologist division of the American Psychological Association.

Greg’s work with many Fortune 1000 and Mid Cap companies includes, PwC, Abbott Laboratories, Amgen, CBRE, Dole Food Company, Fluor Corporation, IBM, RCA, 3M, and Sodexho to name a few.

Jeff Whitney

Jeffrey Whitney

Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Beacon Worldwide.  Jeff is a revenue-driven marketer, who has spent his career attacking marketing challenges - marketing efforts not contributing to revenue, never enough leads; ineffective websites; lack of infrastructure; poor messaging/positioning; lack of useful metrics, sales and marketing not aligned - and knocking down walls between marketing and revenue growth.

Early in his career, Jeff held roles in pre-sales support and was an over-quoted sales representative providing a strong awareness of the needs of sales and how marketing and sales need to be aligned.

Jeff has held senior marketing positions from large tech companies to early stage startups and has participated in several positive outcomes, including Bluestone where he was a founding employee and serviced as the companies first VP of Marketing – laying the foundation for Bluestone to achieve a $1.5 billion market valuation; and ServiceSoft, where Jeff served as CMO, and helped restart the company and two years later playing a key role in the companies $651 million acquisition.

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