International Sales Force Enablement

The best high-impact training is always wrapped around real situations.

Beacon's sales training is driven by Beacon's best practices, a philosophy that puts the buyer, not the seller, in the central role, and a skill assessment that identifies each individuals' and your overall team's sales skills strengths and weaknesses.

Key to its effectiveness, training is always reality-based driven by embedding your organization's actual sales situations for real-time, practical application of strategies and tactics based upon the proprietary Iconic Selling framework.

Beacon’s customized training and long-term coaching created a sustainable program that resulted in multiple years of industry leading revenue growth.
Senior Partner – Big Four

Teams or work winners must bring their deals to the session for the real time application of strategies and tactics.

This almost always creates an investment payback that is instantaneous because real existing deals are impacted.  This can only be provided by instructors who are intimately familiar with both your sector and your organization which is why we invest time upfront ensuring we know your issues well and how they match or don’t match those we see in the sector.

The data gathering for any training takes place during the sales optimization evaluation.

We have found time and again that the initial interview process should include your best work winners. This data gathering from actual participants helps set the stage for creating excitement around a reality-based training process.  This is due to participants sharing what is important to them and why, and then wanting to the see the results of their input.

Training programs available for sales teams

  • Prospecting – turning a conversation into an opportunity
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) strategies and tactics
  • Negotiations
  • Handling Enterprise and Global Accounts
  • Account Planning Workshops
  • Client Relationship Mapping and client retention strategies
  • Cross Selling
  • Sales Engineering Training

Sales Manager Training

What are the five types of sales people? How do I coach each type? How do I maximize my management time of our overall pipeline and opportunities? What are the best practices I should be implanting on our enterprise and global account?  What are the most important differentiation strategies and tactics I need to ensure my people employ?

Train-the-Trainer Training

If you are looking for long term best practices sustainability, this is one of the most important pieces. For knowledge transfer and organizational transformation to truly succeed, mentors within a client organization must be prepared to disseminate and champion key sales messages.

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