Fractional Sales Leadership

Fractional sales leadership requires more than just sales expertise.

Fractional Sales Leadership requires the ability to integrate strategic and tactical marketing which includes digital strategies for your sector as well as the ability to set and drive sales objectives.

We often see great sales representatives and work winners promoted to senior sales leadership positions. Even though they may have been amazing at what they did, they often lack the different perspectives required of the sales leadership position.

Beacon's fractional leadership support typically comes in three variations.

First, we can step in on a temporary basis and help run a sales organization. This includes everything from hiring staff, setting sales objectives, milestones to performance and coaching people on deals and accounts. This could be a day a week to several days a month to a full-time effort by one of our team for a set period of time. We will then help find and select a full-time replacement, if that is beneficial.

Second, we are brought in to help support and up-skill the sales leadership as they have solid skills, but they need the fastest ramp possible to guiding and supporting their sales team.

The third reason organizations bring us in is to test the validity of their sales projections. As companies, particularly our tech clients, reach the point of seeking funding or possible acquisition, they need to formalize their revenue generation process. They need to clearly illustrate they have the sales guidelines and processes that are efficient and predictably lead to revenue generation. This a core function of what Beacon does with many clients.

Beacon’s experience and willingness to work with us on a fractional leadership basis that was primarily performance based created a win-win situation.

We exceeded our numbers, and received the next round of funding that launched us to where we are today.

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