In non-commodity sectors, less than 15% of all deals are won or lost due to price

Good win-loss analysis provides detailed, specific insights that help individuals and teams, while resetting strategy and tactics. Unfortunately, the majority of all win-loss analysis focuses on the wrong questions from the wrong people.

Beacon regularly observes that win-loss analysis performed by internal staff directly involved in the sales cycle, often concludes that a deal was lost because of price and won because of their capability.

The reality is neither tends to be true. In non-commodity sectors, less than 15% of all deals are won or lost due to price. Wins due to your “capability” is often a catch all and fails to capture the true win-loss drivers.

As a result, Beacon offers two alternatives. First, we can train your internal team to conduct win-loss analysis in a different way. Second, we can provide these services for you.

The core concept of performing win-loss analysis seem straightforward, but Beacon’s value derives from our experience in the field.

Beacon can perform a more complete analysis because our seasoned sales experts understand the common points where an opportunity will move ahead or collapse without internal biases.

In many cases, the real reason for a deal’s success or loss will only be revealed through carefully gathered experiential information on a prospect’s inner workings and decision-making practices.

We were losing to a competitor and could not understand why. Beacon’s win-loss analysis completely changed our strategy to include specific pre-emptive client conversations which were brilliantly arranged and totally disarmed the competitor’s strategy.
Managing Director – Consulting Services

What makes us different?

Beacon does not ask why a deal was won or lost.

  • Instead, our approach starts with how the needs of the prospect emerged and eventually turned into an issue the client wanted to pursue.
  • It also includes understanding the competitor’s strategies and tactics so that long term counter strategies can be developed.

With this approach, you receive specific and detailed feedback on exactly what was executed well, what was not and what remedial actions are necessary.

This understanding based upon our Iconic Selling approach creates the basis for a formula that allows best practices to be clearly observed and made repeatable, while eliminating or adjusting non-beneficial behaviors.

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