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Developing profitable clients faster is what we do

Beacon has spent nearly 30 years working across the globe to help clients dramatically improve revenues, margins and client relationships. Beacon’s focus is leveraging our hands-on fractional leadership experience syncing sales, operations, marketing and client/customer requirements. Our focus is to rapidly create differentiation based upon the talent of the internal team, technology and relentless adherence to metrics driven processes based upon customer needs.  This may be business-to-business or business-to-consumer markets. in either situation their marketplace may be represented by the following types of environments.

Clients selling products and services in highly competitive environments requiring a degree of customer education to differentiate. 

Clients selling complex products and services in rapidly changing environments due to technology, regulatory or competitive issues and advancements

custom sales training

Beacon is regularly sought to help with these types of challenges:

  • How can I better integrate sales and operations to improve our customer experience and margins?
  • Our can we more effectively respond to the market when our competitive landscape is changing by the day?
  • How do a create a more unified and consistent sales cycle which maximizes the value of my sales engineers ("SE's"
  • How does your sales enabelment team collaborate with the sales and operational executives to create the platform for growth based upon your clients needs and perspective?

Below are Beacon’s key differentiators along with critical elements we tend to see in the best sales enablement efforts.

The Beacon Differentiators

Every member of Beacon works on dozens of complex deals every year as a coach or part of an account team as a fractional sales or operational leader.

This provides a depth of insight that is unsurpassed by any internal or external provider.  Our deep involvement in these deals or running the sales and operations teams allows for the rapid deployment of proven training, coaching and metrics tracking while maxcimizing the value of your internal experts like sales engineers . This includes President and CEO Carl Erickson who has worked on hundreds of deals in everything from technology startups to the Big Four. Our framework is called Iconic Selling.

One recent example of Beacon work with Forensic implications was with a Global Law firm.

This work involved working with an account team and examining the implications of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and technologically how the FCPA may troll for data looking for violations.

Another example:

Beacon worked with clients globally to help them guide their clients down the path of risk pre-emptive actions for when data breaches occur, and how they could anticipate regulatory investigative actions and market this innovative approach to clients.

We also worked on deals that involve major financial services institutions dismantling their entire disaster recovery capability

This created a more secure technology platform from a cyber threat perspective and better blocking of ransomware.

In another situation, we worked with a company on the use of AI in language-based analytics

This allowed them to identify legal defense strategies faster and simultaneously reduce the cost of discovery in matters where millions of documents were involved, often SEC cases.

Beacon has identified five levels of work winners.

While two of the five are effective revenue producers, only one of the five is an effective leader who consciously helps foster total team performance.

Beacon has also identified six specific sales skill sets across a complex sales cycle that are essential to efficiently and effectively engaging with clients. Iconic Selling.

A critical question to consider is how well your team is integrated across the sales cycle and are the client-centered deliverables clear to the team?

Beacon has a proprietary sales assessment that identifies exactly what a sales team knows about each skill set and where their blind spots may be.  The assessment results can also be used to establish a personal development and team plan which provides direct insight as to where losses probably emerge.

Armed with sales assessment and skill sets insight, Beacon crafts highly customized efforts to instill the right knowledge, skills and behaviors in work winners, which propel superior performance.

This includes coaching and guiding sales leaders, sales people, work winning partners and teams to progress to the highest performing level. The key is ensuring whatever is implemented is sustained within the organization and this change effort is one of Beacon's greatest strengths.

The Challenges we tend to see:

When we investigate the different issues clients face, they may manifest themselves in different ways but here are ones we hear often:

  • There is little or no common sales language across the organization. In other words, what is a qualified deal?  What is a billable effort or qualifying event? How do you consistently accomplish access to influencers and decision makers? What is proof of power? What is the action plan?
  • There are little or no objective non-financial metrics to understand the progression of an account or deal.
  • Cross-selling and differentiation are afterthoughts instead of positioning for these straight away.
  • We struggle to make effective use of our sector and technical experts and often end up talking too technically with potential clients.
  • The lack of a client centered sales framework or flexible approach to look at the world through the eyes of the client causes misalignment of team objectives.
  • Little insight into what an optimal sales cycle looks like and how to train the ideal.
  • Our people struggle to efficiently turn conversations into opportunities especially when it is not in their service or practice area.
  • Our RFP conversion rates are below what we want, and our opportunity cost is considerable.
  • My people struggle with maintaining the margins we would like.
  • We really wrestle with gaining access to the C suite and maintaining it.

The Sales Enablement Perspective:

Addressing the issues above and many others is a difficult task that should not be underestimated. Some are often rooted in the operational policies or lack thereof and others in the sales enablement arena.

  1. Our experience and research have shown and proven there are six critical skills sets that the best work winners employ. How they do this varies, but the framework for engaging has client-centered deliverables in every skill set.  This framework with sales levels sets the foundation for the common language in an organization.  This is often customized to the internal language of Beacon’s clients.
  2. Beacon's proprietary approach can provide instant visibility into accounts or deals at a glance that can have a major impact opn how an account or deal is handled and what resoruces like SEs should be used and when.
  3. Training is always around real situations that provides participants an opportunity to immediately apply the thinking to their accounts while in the training session. People also leave with an actual plan that they have initiated in the training session.
  4. Coaching on real deals, for an extended period, reinforces the behaviors fine tuned or learned in the training and helps the effort become sustainable.
  5. Where possible, internal coaches are super-skilled to eventually sustain the effort internally and assume all roles.
  6. There must be metrics in place to check performance of the team and look specifically at the types of deals coached and the impact.
  7. There needs to be a communications plan that highlights and reinforces learnings to the wider team.
  8. There should always be linkages to internal post-decision reviews and how that information is being used to determine competitor’s tactics and set specific competitive strategies.

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