Beacon impacts in process deals immediately and whether you are a startup looking to “get it right” out of the gate, or a global powerhouse moving towards best practices, we have been there.

As Sales Enablement Consultants, Beacon Worldwide focuses on optimizing your work winning efforts.

If you are in a highly competitive or complex environment where relationships matter, that is where we excel.  Beacon’s global hands on experience as part of account and deal teams provides you with direct insight from hundreds of deals annually, and continuously evolving best practices insight for your sector.


Starting with the Beacon complimentary sales consultation, Beacon will work with you to construct a customized service offering that best meets your needs.

Impact "in progress" deals immediately
Help you transition to best practices faster
Rapidly create sustainable sales practices for your work winner.

Sales Optimization

How do you know if your sales efforts are optimized and aligned with best practices?  How helpful would it be to have this type of detailed and actonable data in less than 30 days?

Customized Sales Training

Beacon focuses on enterprise technology, consulting, legal, financial services, engineering and healthcare. Our customized training is always based upon the real situations your team faces in the field.

Big Deal Coaching

In the services sector, big deal coaching can be very different for a variety of reasons. Beacon’s team has a deep expertise in very specific overlapping sectors that has proven time and again to be invaluable to coaching live opportunities. Whether it be better qualifying opportunities, negotiating the engagement or responding to an RFP Beacon has engaged these deal points countless times.

Win/Loss Feedback - A Different Approach

Good win-loss analysis provides detailed and specific insights that help individuals and teams, while resetting strategy and tactics.  Interestingly, the vast majority of all win-loss analysis focuses on the wrong questions from the wrong people.

Fractional Sales Leadership

Do you need expert sales leadership right now to guide your team towards higher sales performance? Our onsite or remote fractional sales leadership support can be adjusted to your exact needs with our seasoned sales experts.

Train-the-Trainer Training

The faster Beacon can disengage with you, the better we have done our job. We believe that knowledge transfer and organizational transformation cannot truly succeed unless the concepts from our key messages, analysis, global experience and empirical research have been put into practice.

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