Big Deal Coaching

What is the value of near instant availability to seasoned deal and account coaching experts with specific sector knowledge?

Beacon’s deal and account coaching has changed how hundreds of deals have been handled by clients with great success.

Beacon often sees organizations investing incredible resources into deals that they have little chance of winning. In those situations, Beacon’s has proven alternative strategies for enhancing relationships and positioning creative tactics for the existing deal as well as downstream opportunities.

Whether it be a Request for Proposal (“RFP”) or non-RFP situation, Beacon has the experience to instantly make a major contribution to your team.

To demonstrate Beacon’s expertise by providing true value, Beacon offers short, complimentary consultations to discuss your deal or account and where appropriate, provide instant advice based upon our experience.


Clients often refer to Beacon’s deal and account coaching as one of the most immediately impactful offerings provided to them

As one recent Director of Global Services stated about our MD of global services, “she is tough and will ask difficult questions and based upon dozens of deals we have worked in together, she is never wrong.”

In about 20 minutes Beacon completely restructured our thinking on a 23M Euro deal which we won.

I do not think we would have won without their insight.

Big Four – Senior EMEA Partner

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