Training the sales trainer

Sustaining sales best practices requires internal experts and external guidance.

True sales transformation must be based upon a proper change management effort that includes your own people taking control of two key roles - coaching and training- both  critical to your long term..

By helping your team to apply the experience of working on hundreds of deals in your sector they gain an experience that is invaluable to the classroom. This is the basis by which Beacon helps bring them to instructor status in our materials where they can apply our framework to deals and accounts in real time.

These are the core principles behind the development of our Train-the-trainer program for your select few.  In addition to the obvious cost savings, your organization benefits by creating a sustainable method by which your organization can attack current and future sale challenges.

Train-the-trainer and coaching programs helps to:

Create sustainable increases in revenue

Reduce the cost of sale

Ensure you are consistently differentiating in your market

Stay abreast of market changes that impact your sector

Beacon trained partners, sales enablement staff and nearly 200 coaches to support a multi-national roll-out that created a sustainable culture of work winning which consistently exceeds revenue targets.
Managing Director – Big Four

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