Increase Salesforce effectiveness
If you want to improve sales and operational performance you are in the right place. Our countless sales and operations leadership roles, implementing what we do, has resulted in best practices in what to do but more importantly, how to do it. The result is  highly predictable outcomes for our clients.

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Assess, recommend, implement and reassess

We quickly pinpoint sales and operational challenges

We provide innovative and team integrated improvment paths with predicatable revenue impacts

We drive sustainable high impact training and support for sales engineers who are critical to the sales cycle

We provide detailed training and coaching to sales teams and how to measure their pipeline to drive revenue faster

The Beacon Difference

Beacon Worldwide is a global expert in sales leadership, training and coaching. Our many roles implementing within clients like consulting, technology, health care, legal and sustainability sectors has provided a wealth of insight on what works and what does not and why. In Beacon's 30 years of operation our differentiation is in fact, our ability to deeply understand how to implement sales efforts in conjunction with operations and marketing. Our hands on experience in transforming organizations through our fractional leaderships roles, and sales enablement collaboration has helped clients catapult their revenues. Our approaches also simultaneosuly improves the customer experience and employee satisfaction levels due to our holistic approach. Our proprietary approaches have proven so successful in the services and technology sectors that Beacon's involvement have led to direct infusions of capital for tech start-ups.

Subject matter experts like your SEs are often under utilized and their value to the sales process is immense. We help quickly ensure the entire sales team is on the same page. This can include the ales leadership, your subject matter experts, partners and operatonal support.

Our patented sales skills assessments can be very insightful identifying both knowledge and possible execution gaps of your team so that the most high value trainin and support is provides.

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How We Help

Our fractional sales, marketing and operational roles have provided us with extraordinary hands-on implementation insights. Whether it be a sales and operational effectivensss assessment or assuming a senior c-suite role with the team, our insights are clear, direct, actionable and measurable. We can quickly:

- integrate sales and operational strategies

- provide on-site fractional leadership

- create the necessary enablement tactics

- leverage your SE's more effectively


Leverage insights from the direct sales and operations supervision of  small and mid sized companies up to $1.2B in revenue

Super charge your sales enablement team with customer centered deliverables

Gain access to Beacon's global network of relationships to formulate key connections faster.

Sales Optimization

Instant visibility and advice for your sales managers and reps

Customized Sales Training

Live rapid deployment methods

Big Deal Sales Coaching

Instant visibility and advice for your sales managers and reps

Win/Loss Feedback

360 degree loop to create sustainable differentiation

Fractional Sales Leadership

Seasoned sales leadership as needed by your organziation

Train-the-Trainer Training

Build best practices sustainability and lowers sales enablement costs

What Clients Say About Beacon

"Beacon told us we were going to lose the deal so we restructured the approach for downstream opportunities. It was tough to hear but they were right.
We ended up winning a subsequent deal for nearly $2M that we could not have competed in without their strategic, tactical and very practical coaching advice."
SVP Sales – Professional Services Firm

"Following Beacon’s data gathering and optimization analysis, they built and deployed an incredibly impactful playbook in less than 2 weeks. The result on deals was positive and immediate."

 VP of Commercial Banking

"We were losing to a competitor and could not understand why.

Beacon’s win-loss analysis completely changed our strategy to include specific pre-emptive client conversations which were brilliantly arranged and totally disarmed the competitor’s strategy."

Managing Director – Consulting Services

"I have successfully worked with Beacon at four different organizations, growing revenues and successfully getting acquired every time. Their insight and support is relentless."

Chief Executive Officer – Technology
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Whether you are a startup looking to “get it right” out of the gate, or a global powerhouse moving towards best practices, we have been there and can help. 

And by quickly applying Beacon's framework to in process deals, our clients tell us the impact starts immediately.

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