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Rapidly create sustainable sales practices for your work winners

Identify systemic sales issues and your best practices

Impact "in progress" deals immediately

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The Beacon Difference

Built on a proven, repeatable sales framework

driven by sector specific best practices in alignment with what buyers are thinking

We help quickly ensure the entire sales team is on the same page

sales people, consultants, subject matter experts and leadership

Accelerated by patented skill assessment results

to identify individual and group sales strengths and weaknesses (quantitative data)

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How We Help

Leveraging insight from direct involvement in hundreds of deals annually and based on continuously evolving best practices by sector, we will work with you to construct a customized service offering to specifically meet your needs.


Leverage insights from direct involvement in hundreds of deals annually

Guided by continuously evolving best practices

Delivered by a Beacon team with deep sector knowledge

Sales Optimization

Instant visibility and advice for your sales managers and reps

Customized Sales Training

Live rapid deployment methods

Big Deal Sales Coaching

Instant visibility and advice for your sales managers and reps

Win/Loss Feedback

360 degree loop to create sustainable differentiation

Fractional Sales Leadership

Seasoned sales leadership as needed by your organziation

Train-the-Trainer Training

Build best practices sustainability and lowers sales enablement costs

What Clients Say About Beacon

"Beacon told us we were going to lose the deal so we restructured the approach for downstream opportunities. It was tough to hear but they were right.
We ended up winning a subsequent deal for nearly $2M that we could not have competed in without their strategic, tactical and very practical coaching advice."
SVP Sales – Professional Services Firm

"Following Beacon’s data gathering and optimization analysis, they built and deployed an incredibly impactful playbook in less than 2 weeks. The result on deals was positive and immediate."

 VP of Commercial Banking

"We were losing to a competitor and could not understand why.

Beacon’s win-loss analysis completely changed our strategy to include specific pre-emptive client conversations which were brilliantly arranged and totally disarmed the competitor’s strategy."

Managing Director – Consulting Services

"I have successfully worked with Beacon at four different organizations, growing revenues and successfully getting acquired every time. Their insight and support is relentless."

Chief Executive Officer – Technology
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Whether you are a startup looking to “get it right” out of the gate, or a global powerhouse moving towards best practices, we have been there and can help. 

And by quickly applying Beacon's framework to in process deals, our clients tell us the impact starts immediately.

So why wait!