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financial services sales enablementThe business-to-business side of the financial services sector, like commercial banking, has nearly become commoditized for many institutions. The reality is, it should not be.

With changes in client stratification and how these clients are approached, Beacon has seen its financial services clients experience rapid rises in client value and a direct impact on activity and revenue.

Despite technology, relationships still matter, but it is essential that your team is creative in terms of how they apply technology and personal interactions.

This is where Beacon’s extensive knowledge of the technology sector is impactful in identifying what might be helpful to your work winners and what partnering arrangements might be beneficial with emerging technology.

Whether you are part of the commercial banking team, treasury services or another aspect work winning in the B2B setting, feel free to reach out and we can share our experience.

Following Beacon’s data gathering and optimization analysis, they built and deployed an incredibly impactful playbook in less than 2 weeks.

The result on deals was positive and immediate.

- VP of Commercial Banking

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