Sales Enablement Consulting

sales enablement consulting

Effective Sales enablement consulting requires cross-functional analysis of every group that interacts with the client, influences the brand or impacts your deal referral process from intermediaries or channel partners

While many of these steps can be accomplished quickly, it is imperative that every client touch point be understood in the context of your broader objectives.

For example, in one of Beacon's Sales Enablement Consulting efforts, we examined not only who was interacting with the client, but who was not and why. It became apparent that although revenue from this client was good, the selling organization was leaving massive amounts of revenue on the table. The primary reason was they struggled to execute sound up-selling strategies to client’s with whom they already had a relationship.

As the client told us, “Beacon’s sales enablement consulting helped us formulate a plan to better create linkages across our services. We then trained staff and on how to foster better introductions for reasons related to the client’s issues and this naturally led to more opportunities to cross-sell.”

This is a good example of how Beacon helps clients foster change and improve their selling effectiveness while simultaneously bettering their relationships.

The impact of this upselling effort result in an 1800% increase in upselling revenue all starting with the sales enablement consulting and optimization analysis.

sales enablement consulting

What is effective sales enablement?

  • Effective sale enablement is always guided by a flexible framework that takes into consideration the nuances of your product and services and the markets you serve. Are your client long term? How essential are ongoing relationships? Are you capable of being a true trusted advisor in specific areas?

What is Sales Enablement Evolution?

  • Sales Enablement Evolution is the process by which multiple points of client and sector interaction are analyzed to create continuously changing and emerging best practices for your field teams.

Beacon does not track hours. Instead they track and drive results like no other sales enablement company I have ever worked with in the past 30 years.
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