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What is the objective of having a sales manager, or their team complete a sales assessment?

A Sales Assessment should provide you or your team with specific insights on exactly where knowledge and skills gaps may exist and why. A true sales assessment requires significant thought and it is not your first gut reaction. Just like your deals in the field, we need to think about them.

Beacon has spent years working with organizations like PwC, Forrester, Cognos and many others gathering and tracking data on complex sales cycles in different sectors.

Thanks to the great collaboration with these accounts, Beacon has developed a proprietary sales assessment of 104 questions that cuts across all six critical sales skill sets.

For sales managers, the results will provide you with detailed insights on where your knowledge and skills may align or not align with best practices selling your specific types of products and services. You may have been a fantastic work winner, but how much of that was intuition verse conscious thoughts and processes? The sales assessment helps you understand exactly that.


The result for individuals or your team is highly personalized and includes specific things for participants to think about and why. The beauty of the data is that is identifies the biggest sales performance gaps.  Armed with that information, you, with or without Beacon, can determine exactly what type of coaching and/or training might be helpful and why. This can be very helpful in predicting investment payback as well.

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sales assessment and sales procedure assessment

What is a sales assessment?

  • sales assessment should provide an individual, a team and the salesleadership with specific insights on exactly where knowledge and skills gaps may exist and why. A true sales assessment requires significant thought and it is not your first gut reaction.

How do sales assessment result help?

  • Well designed sales assessments will help you pinpoint issues such as difficulty turning conversations into opportunities, where there many be issues understanding and navigating clients power structures or handling the 3 phases of pricing discussions. Armed with the right information, training and coaching support can be focused on the highest payback areas.

How long does a sales assessment take?

  • The best sales assessments require significant thought and are usually about 45-60 minutes.

Can sales assessment results be tailored to individuals?

  • Absolutely. In fact, they can be the basis of a strong personal development plan that helps work winners reach optimal performance faster.

Beacon’s sales assessment and skills gap analysis helped us identify and deploy highly targeted training and coaching that more than paid for itself in less than 90 days.

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