Law Firm Sales Training

law firm sales training

Law firm sales training should always be based upon the practice area, accounts being pursued, and specific outcomes being sought.

Law Firm Sales Training is as much about fostering collaboration as it is about specific strategies and tactics to win deals. This is true for our law firm regional, national or global accounts.

One example of how we approach law firm clients is as follows:

We were working with one of our global law firm clients who was facing significant difficulty cross-selling. They had a very good intellectual property practice (“IP”) but there were many other practice areas they needed to consciously think about introducing into the account. The partner in charge of the IP practice was concerned with the implications of trying to expand their footprint off this partner’s relationships. We see this exact scenario played out on a regular basis.

The partner with good relationships and a strong revenue stream understandably wants to protect their interests. These types of situations are common in the legal and other complex professional services settings.

So, the question emerges, what law firm sales training might help? The answer is those carefully designed:

First, your sales provider should have a deep understanding of your industry and the daily challenges of managing a global account as the lead partner or global relationship partner.

Second, they should be able to gain very specific insight on the account relationships, those to be developed and the nuances of that account.

Third, they should have a win loss history of the account, so they can see patterns, decision makers and the role of specific influences.

Fourth, they should be able to construct a training and coaching process that is thoroughly customized to the account and sector it is in.

Fifth, at least half of the workshop should be focused on applying the training strategies and tactics directly to the account including who will do what.

This approach ensures that specific measurable actions emerge right out of the training which are tagged to people who are responsible for executing them.

When this type of law firm sales training design is tied to short term account team coaching it has produced powerful results that grew revenue and simultaneously grew relationships.

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law firm sales training

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