Big Deal Sales Coaching

big deal sales coaching

Many client’s ask, what exactly is big deal sales coaching?

Big deal sales coaching is providing detailed advice on exactly what a sales rep, work winner or team might do to:

  • Set deal and account handling strategy
  • Pursue a large deal
  • Qualify a deal
  • Differentiate in a deal
  • Set parameters of resources to be leveraged in deals
  • Identify competitive and relationship threats
  • Price a deal
  • Handle an RFP
  • Reject a no-win RFP but gain client access
  • Negotiate on a deal
  • Cross sell within an account

If you would simply like to use us as a sounding board, please reach out via our toll free line at 1-833-701-5952 or simply fill out the information below and we will call you.

Big Deal Sales Coaching

The Beacon team coaches hundreds of deals annually and the insight gained around what is happening in the marketplace and by sector is astounding.

Insight and support can come in the form of a 20-minute call or a long-term agreement to support various types of deal on a local, regional or global basis.

When there is time, we often combine our coaching with any internal data from the client on win loss feedback, sector and account penetration and competitive differentiation. We find this information to be incredibly helpful when our clients are regularly involved in Request for Proposal processes. (“RFP”)

Our initial discussions are no charge even if we talk about a specific deal. We take this approach because we feel it is essential to see if we are a fit based on your products and services and if you are within the sectors we focus on.

Clients often refer to our deal and account coaching as one of the most immediately impactful offerings we provide. We have literally changed the approach to deals in 20 minutes on the phone.

In other words, increase the probability of winning not only a deal but better positioning your company within an account.

What is big deal coaching?

  • Big deal coaching is when a senior sales representative or account team interacts with a seasoned sales coach to examine ways to improve the probability of winning and very often simultaneously improving the account relationships.

What deals are best coached?

  • Any deal where you are new to the account relationship, in a highly competitive situation, competing in a large complex deal or where there are many stakeholders involved on both sides of the deal.

What experience should a big deal coach have?

  • Big deal coaches should have extensive work winning experience, have led sales functions and be well versed in the sector and types of deals you are pursuing. They should also be very familiar with the different types of decision making processes in large organization.

Beacon told us we were going to lose the deal so we restructured the approach for downstream opportunities. It was tough to hear but they were right.

We ended up winning a subsequent deal for nearly $2M that we could not have competed in without their strategic, tactical and very practical coaching advice.

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