Sales Management Training

sales management training
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As you would expect, our sales management training focuses on the development of sales management skills.

The content may vary widely based upon the specific organization we are working with. For example, the sales management efforts within a large professional services organization that is partner led is very different than our efforts in the high tech arena where they are selling specific products.

In the professional services area setting account revenue targets and normalizing those targets into realistic numbers is very different than when dealing with set product offerings.

While many providers have off-the-shelf programs, we only provide algorithms for forecasting and sales management practices that take into consideration your offerings, culture and marketplace.

However, there are some overlaps that are critical for all types of sales management development. This includes the fact that as a sales executive or someone who has work winning responsibility, you will be directing 5 different types of sales performers. How you coach and guide those performers has common elements across all industries.

There are also common client-centered conceptual deliverables that should be in a sequence to how clients buy and think. These are woven into all of Beacon's sales management training so that coaching your team becomes much easier.

What many clients find the most helpful in our sales management training is the development of non-financial metrics for your sales team or work winners that are objective and clearly defined. In fact, many of these metrics can be set as milestones of performance that help create a clear path to wins.

If you would like more information on our Sales Management Training please complete the form below or just give us a call at 1-833-701-5952.

sales management training

Following Beacon’s data gathering and optimization analysis, they built and deployed an incredibly impactful playbook in less than 2 weeks. The result on deals was positive and immediate.
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